Are you tired of spending recreational dollars away from your home with nothing to show for it? Then walk into your own personal oasis. Welcome to Kayak Pools web site.

Kayak Pools® is a leader in the industry offering one of the highest quality products on the market today with features you’d expect only in costly in-ground pools.

Kayak® Pool is the result of years perfecting the on-ground pool. It has structural solutions that ensure lasting enjoyment. Not only is it a quality product, but dollar for dollar, it is a superior value for you and your family. When you talk about a Kayak® pool, you’re talking about recreational dollars well spent. You can make your own backyard one very beautiful destination by adding a new Kayak® pool. It’s a place where you can relax and have resort living day after summer day. It’s a convenient place to entertain friends on the weekend, while knowing where the kids are playing.

More and more families are finding out how convenient having a new Kayak® pool can be. It offers a cleaner and safer alternative to public pools and it’s closer than crowded beaches. There’s nothing like relaxing with your new Kayak® pool right in your own backyard. Enjoy true quality family entertainment in the privacy of your own backyard with financing available to make it easy on any budget. A Kayak® pool is waiting for you. Get into the swim today.

Customizable Decks

One of the biggest benefits of a Kayak Pool over other above ground pools is our quality decking (& customization options.) We have a handful of decking options for your above ground pool, and have created a simple deck configurator to help you find the best fit.

The end result of our above ground pool solutions is more than just swimming, it’s a one-of-a-kind pool experience!

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Virtually Maintenance Free.

Our filtration system is so advanced that a Kayak Pool is virtually maintenance-free! Thanks to a dual drainage system, and a best-in-class skimmer, we can generate constant circulation that cleans and purifies the water. This system is usually only found in expensive in-ground pool systems, but we are proud to have engineered this revolutionary process for our above ground pools!

Vaccumming has become a thing of the past with Kayak Pools! Learn more about our amazing filtration system.

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30 Year Liner Warranty

We make our liners to last. So much so, that we back up our liners on our above ground pools for 30 years! We can do this because they are built to last. Our vinyl liners are winterized, beaded virgin vinyl with double-welded overlapped seams. At 25 mil thick with UV inhibitors, there is no need for reprocess plastics just long-lasting vinyl. Furthermore, the liner in anti-bacterial and retards the growth of fungus, mildew & algae.

Simply put, a Kayak liner is built to last. The quality & craftsman ship is why we can back it up with an industry leading 30 year warranty.

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Leading Pool Wall Technology

Rot Proof. Rust Proof. Weather Resistant. The Kayak Pool waterwalls are some of the strongest, most long lasting pool walls on the planet! Our walls are so strong you can jump or kick off of them and come with a lifetime guarantee! Our advanced honeycomb design mixed with an exclusive plastic engineered core give Kayak Pools an unparalleled level of sturdiness. Take solace in the security of our above ground pool walls and swim/kick/jump with confidence!

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