Forget vacuuming – with a three-way filtration system from Kayak, your pool will keep itself sparkling clean! Comprised of two continuous operationĀ bottom suction drains and a surface skimmer, the system is designed to maximize water circulation and minimize floating debris.

Why three-way filtration?

  • Pool is virtually self-cleaning – no more constant vaccuming
  • Pool water stays sparkling clean with minimal floating debris
  • Continuous water circulation inhibits algae & bacteria growth
  • The filter element loads dirt 10 to 15 times greater than sand filters of equal size
  • Backwashing is practically eliminated which reduces water and chemical costs
  • Filtration system is powered by a quiet, efficient pump which reduces operational costs

Kayak’s three-way filtration system is compatible with all pool sizes. Try our deck configurator to find the perfect Kayak pool for your yard!

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